Irish Music-Our Forte

We have compiled a list of our favorite Irish music for you to add to your Irish Life Experience playlist. Have a listen and enjoy…

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Derry Girls Hurling

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a coming of age story set in the 1990’s; following five teenagers in Northern Ireland…

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PS, I Love You Movie

ILE’s Reel Review

The Irish have always had the gift of storytelling, so it is no surprise that they have made some brilliant movies over the years…

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Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

While the Irish Life Experience is not a cheap program it is an important investment that will continue to reap rewards for many years to come…

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A Slean Day

Despite the lack of sun, the day began temperate and continued that way. The sky was washed with grey clouds but instead of dulling the

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Not a “Burren” Day

We traveled deep into the Burren of county Clare on Wednesday, the 17th. The Burren is a very distinctive landscape of exposed rock, mostly limestone.

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The Final Stretch

“We Made It to Galway!” Many of the students cheered as we pulled into the vibrant city. This portion of the trip is always the

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