The End of the Line

Day Twenty-Four/Airport Day (July 22nd): As it was our final airport day, we had another early day. I am happy and proud to report that

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Wrapping Up

Day Twenty-Three (July 21st): Here it is. The last full day of the ILE. This is one of the hardest days for everyone. It means

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Here We Go Again!

Day Twenty-Two (July 20th): The end is nigh. Time creeps closer. Our staff tries very hard to keep the fact that the trip is nearing

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On Our Turf

Day Twenty-One (July 19th): Despite the lack of sun, the day began temperate and continued that way. The sky was washed with grey clouds but

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Gimme Moher

Day Twenty (July 18th): Our meandering travels took us all across County Clare today. To make sure we had sufficient time everywhere we went, it

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The Ring

Day Seventeen (July 15th): The day began a bit on the grey side and while the clouds lingered and a few desperately needed raindrops fell,

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That’s All Blarney

Day Sixteen (July 14th): We bid a very fond farewell to Dublin. King’s Hospital was home for a short period of time: full of fun,

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Forever Hold Your Pearse

Day Fifteen (July 13th): Our day felt like a perfect and exact transition from the last. We ventured out from King’s Hospital to begin our

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Day Fourteen (July 12th): It’s certainly ironic that almost none of our students have accounts, but today only proved that you don’t have to be

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