My Goodness, My Guinness…

Day Thirteen (July 11th): Next on the list of our adventures was…the Guinness Storehouse and Factory tour! This location at St James’ Gate has brewed

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Tiny Dancer

Day 12 (July 10th): We are slowly starting to wrap up classes this week. No one can believe how fast time has been flying by.

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A Giant of a Day

Day 11 (July 9th): Despite a brutally early wake up and a short breakfast, today is universally regarded as one of the most exciting and

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Howth It Going

Day 10 (July 8th): Breakfast today went as breakfasts usually do — featuring the hurried munching of cereal, grumbles about the other students staying here

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Hey, Big Spender

Day Nine (July 7th): The moment we have all been waiting for is here. The long anticipated results of the staff thrift shopping contest. Out

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Sticking it to the Man

Day 8 (July 6th): Everyone has successfully packed and loaded their things onto the bus and left the dorm rooms nigh on spotless. Bidding a

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Cashel Me Outside

Day 7 (July 5th): This was probably one of our earliest days so far as we boarded the bus at 8:30. Our first destination was

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The Fort of July

Day 6 (July 4th): This was a very busy day! We started with an early breakfast full of protein-y goodness to sustain us for the

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Baking You Crazy

Day 5 (July 3rd): We started off with the fourth day of lessons! Today was more of a laid back day to complement our extremely

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The Chain of Events

Day 4 (July 2nd): The students had their third day of classes with Angie and Mike and Miles, and because the weather has been so

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Game Faces

Day 3 (July 1st): If I haven’t mentioned before, our group of students is absolutely incredible and despite only having had their introduction to the

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