Galway City 2019-Kylene

Meet Kylene Berna

Introducing Kylene Berna to the Irish Life Experience Program as a Junior Counselor. She participated in the program in…

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Airplane and Passport

Covid-19 Protocol

We will do our best to keep all of our participants and their families informed with current Covid-19 travel protocol and to help them prepare for their upcoming travels…

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Derry-Peace Dove 2019

Bloody Sunday-Five Decades After

After living in Northern Ireland and traveling there often, I can say that while the bitterness still lingers and the wounds are still felt, there is a strong desire for a bright and peaceful tomorrow…

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Connemara Hike-Ben 2015

Forever Grateful

I am confident that the only reason I am standing here today is because the Irish Life Experience, and all of the wonderful people involved, helped me find my way…

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Secret Waterfall

Go with the Flow!

This is one of the most natural and unique attractions in Ireland. It can be found far off the beaten track and it is nestled deeply below…

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Flaherty's Irish Candy #2

Flaherty’s Irish Candy

Flaherty cakes, candies, and drink mixes are not just delicious treats on their own. You can also use them to add an Irish twist to your…

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