Galway City 2019-Kylene

Meet Kylene Berna

Introducing Kylene Berna to the Irish Life Experience Program as a Junior Counselor. She participated in the program in…

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Airplane and Passport

Covid-19 Protocol

We will do our best to keep all of our participants and their families informed with current Covid-19 travel protocol and to help them prepare for their upcoming travels…

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Derry-Peace Dove 2019

Bloody Sunday-Five Decades After

After living in Northern Ireland and traveling there often, I can say that while the bitterness still lingers and the wounds are still felt, there is a strong desire for a bright and peaceful tomorrow…

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Connemara Hike-Ben 2015

Forever Grateful

I am confident that the only reason I am standing here today is because the Irish Life Experience, and all of the wonderful people involved, helped me find my way…

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