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My mom approached my best friend, Christina, and me and asked us if we ever wanted to study abroad. My intention was to go to New York City last summer to study on Broadway, but after my mom’s question we began searching for a program. I had the Irish “bug” for a while not realizing my mom had it too. We just never discussed it.

After several weeks of searching we found the ILE. It was everything we were looking for so we contacted Mama T (Taryn) and hopped on board. I’m an adventurer at heart, so I was crazy excited to get going.

Upon arrival at the airport in Boston my best friend and I met life long friends immediately. The Counselors were AMAZING! We laughed, cried, danced, sang, and just enjoyed our four weeks together. I have a second family of fabulous people who love me for me and my craziness.

I was able to experience freedom with supervision and NO PARENTS! It was a wonderful bonus to learn how to shop, cook, clean, and wake myself up all by myself (With a little help:). We worked together and developed bonds that will never be forgotten. I truly enjoyed the classes and learning all about Ireland’s culture and people. Don’t get me wrong… I wasn’t too happy about studying over the summer, but the classes and instructors turned out to be pretty fabulous. When I landed in Ireland, the sights took my breath away. We traveled all over-high and low. I loved everything we did: From watching a Hurling match at Croke Park, slipping a few times at The Giants Causeway, performing skits about Irish writers, and all the other exciting adventures I had the privilege of sharing-all with my new family!

THIS TRIP CHANGED MY LIFE!!! Go, enjoy, and experience Ireland with the IRISH LIFE EXPERIENCE!!! Best money your mom could ever spend! Thanks Mom!

P.S. Be careful when it rains! (I slipped tons of times.)

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Reviewed 10/23/14