High School Credit

It may be possible for you to receive high school credit for participation on the Irish Life Experience, but this is something that you must arrange yourself with your school.

Prior to granting credit for your Irish Life Experience summer, your school may have certain conditions and/or state legal requirements such as:

  • A specified amount of classroom time dedicated to a particular subject matter.
  • Registration for independent study credit in advance.
  • Additional requirements as established by a principal or teacher.

If you wish to obtain credit for the Irish Life Experience, we strongly recommend that you check now with someone from your school.  Your school, not the Irish Life Experience, decides whether you receive credit for participation.  Upon your request, we will be happy to provide a class syllabus and course requirements to your school in advance before the trip.  In September, after submittal of your Irish Life Experience notebook, we will send an official letter to the appropriate person at your school summarizing your participation and courses successfully completed.


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