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High School Campuses


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The Irish Life Experience utilizes the facilities and accommodations at three different campuses in Ireland.  From the coastal feel of the Newtown School in Waterford, to the lively city living at King’s Hospital in Dublin and the cobblestone streets found around Gort na Coiribe in Galway, students will be immersed in the historic culture and architecture of Ireland.

While all of the campuses and boarding facilities encourage peer-to-peer interaction through communal living, each differs from the other, offering unique characteristics through their environment and surroundings.  Dormitory living in Ireland will be fun and exciting, but different from what students may experience in the US.  Dorms are efficient and functional, but often lack some of the unnecessary extras.  Boys and girls will always be assigned to different dormoritories.

Regional Campuses and Accommodations

Newtown School – Waterford, Ireland

At Newtown School, students will be assigned to rooms that sleep up to five.  The girl’s dorm has shared bathrooms and showers within the building, while the boy’s dorm has en suite bathrooms.  Students will have access to football and soccer fields, outdoor/indoor basketball courts, a lecture hall where the Irish Life Experience will show DVD’s from the library, as well as access to a pool that has designated swim times.  Newtown School is located within a fifteen-minute walk to Waterford’s city center.  There is an Internet cafe within minutes of the campus where students can check email and keep in touch with family and friends.

King’s Hospital – Dublin, Ireland

King’s Hospital is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading boarding schools and offers exceptionally comfortable, heatlhy and welcoming facilities.  Rooms are typically self-contained and offer two, three, four or and six-beds in each, with en suite bathrooms which provide privacy and flexibility.  While at King’s Hospital students will have access to football and soccer fields, an indoor basketball court and gym, student lounges and a pool with designated swim times.  The campus is just a fifteen-minute drive from Dublin city center and five-minute walk to the Liffey Valley Shopping Center.

Gort na Coiribe – Galway, Ireland

Gort na Coiribe is a development of apartments and townhouses situated in a prime location in the center of Galway just a short distance from the popular Eyre Square. Accommodations range from two-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom houses consisting of both single and twin rooms. The housing is situated in a beautiful residential setting that is safe and comfortable. Most of the townhouses are used as student housing for National University, Galway during the school year. Students will have their own closets at all locations and will share some common facilities.


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