The students had to write limericks in their drama groups last week and the ILE Team chose three winners-Caroline, Tiernan, and Chris. Congratulations!They won Cork flags in honor of Scones’ home county. Up the Rebels!

James Joyce was an Irish writer,
Compared to his middle class family, he was much brighter.
“Dubliners” is his volume of short stories.
In them he wrote about society’s worries.
For Irish literature, he was an igniter.
-Caroline Buchanan

Born in Ireland during trouble,
His faith in his country soon began to double.
He wanted to make Ireland free,
From all of Britain’s tyranny.
And his dream didn’t go to rubble.
-Tiernan Goodfellow

Dreary and bleak was the writing of Samuel Beckett.
When it came to human feelings, he just said “to heck with it.”
Along with other absurdists, ideals of order could not be bought.
Consequently his plays dealt with how death dominates our thought.
His genius continued until his death wrecked it.
-Chris Robinson

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