Looking back, many people wish they had taken the chance to study abroad when they were younger.  It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and to not look into the possibility is to turn down a priceless adventure that will make you blossom exponentially.  Stop making excuses not to study abroad, because your future will only fester regret.

 1.  It is Too Expensive

Many students take a look at the Irish Life Experience price tag and assume it is out of their budget.  The truth is, a few weeks in Ireland is surprisingly affordable in many cases with all inclusive costs-even more so than staying at home.

While the Irish Life Experience believes in offering the most bang for your buck, we also offer Early Bird Pricing if you APPLY and pay before January 1st.  Therefore, it is important to start the planning process early to help save as much money as possible.

Many motivated students will cover their entire trip by the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas to Study Abroad, so dismissing this program because you can not pay for it in the beginning is one of the many bad excuses not to study abroad.  Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

2.  I Will Miss My Family and Friends

True.  You probably will.  In fact, many students do.  And yes, we will not lie-the first few days are always a challenge and an adjustment being away from your loved ones.

However, it is important to thwart homesickness, by getting involved in as many activities as possible.  The Irish Life Experience has a very busy schedule, so that void will easily subside when you realize how fast time flies and you are having a blast with your new family and friends.

Remember there are numerous ways to keep in contact with everyone at home.  From e-mails, FaceTime, letters, postcards, texts, and the Irish Life Experience Blog-it will seem like you never left.  This is just one of the other excuses not to study abroad that many students use.  Do not let it deter you from having one of the best times of your life.

3.  I Will Not Know Anyone

Being pushed out of your comfort zone and making new friends is very scary and many students use this as one of their excuses not to study abroad.  However, you need to remember that every other student is in the same situation and they are all experiencing similar apprehensions and nerves.

As cliche as it may sound, by the end of the Irish Life Experience, you will have some of the best relationships you could have ever imagined.  Everyone is like a big family that you will not want to leave and will never forget.

4.  I Do Not Want to Go to Summer School

We get it.  Many students are burnt out on the classroom setting after the year and use this as one of their excuses not to study abroad.  However, the class portion of the program is minimal in comparison to other components.  We have the perfect balance of combining tours and workshops that compliment the classes and provide an overall comprehensive introduction to Irish culture.

The classes are not rigorous and the Irish Life Experience makes sure that students are engaged through interactive learning.  It is a fun and positive environment, that simply fosters a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for the history and traditions of Ireland.

5.  What if I Get Sick in Ireland?

The Irish Life Experience takes all precautions available to ensure that students are traveling within a safe environment, eating well-prepared meals, getting an appropriate amount of sleep and sleeping within clean, safe surroundings at all times.  However, sometimes sickness is unavoidable in a large group setting.  We take every measure to make sure that students receive appropriate medical care when necessary.  Doctors are close to every lodging location, and in cases where professional medical care is needed, we will arrange a medical appointment.  An Irish Life Experience Staff member is always on call with any student receiving medical care and will alert family members that treatment was given.  This is a risk, but it should not be one of your excuses not to study abroad!

6.  The Application Process is Too Long

The Irish Life Experience makes it as easy as possible to APPLY, but in the end it is no different than sitting down to write a paper.  It takes time.  Yes, it might interfere with your daily routine for a day or two, but imagine how rewarding it will feel when you have finished the application and are accepted into this amazing program.

Go slowly and answer the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Your priceless memories during the upcoming summer will be well worth the hour that you spent completing the application.  You should not use this as one of your excuses to not study abroad in Ireland.

7.  There Are So Many Programs to Choose From

We realize it is not easy to find the perfect program.  There is a lot to choose from-so much out there.  We do not envy the decisions parents or students have to make.

However, we are a small team and guarantee that we will be there every step of the way to make your dream trip as easy as possible and ease any travel concerns you might have before you depart or during your experience.  We also devote personal attention getting to know each individual student, which has set us apart from other competing programs.

The Irish Life Experience Testimonials from parents and students speak volumes, so if you are unsure, take a moment to read a few.  This might help you make the best decision of your life.  If you have any questions and want to learn more from Alumni, do not hesitate to get in contact with our Irish Life Experience Ambassadors directly, as they will all try and convince you to apply as soon as possible.

8.  I Am Afraid of Traveling

Only yourself and your fear are standing in the way.  The truth is that traveling can be intimidating.  It is new, everything will seem foreign, and you may feel out of place for a brief while.  However, it is priceless in terms of self development.

Your jitters should not be added as one of your excuses not to study abroad.

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing.” -Seth Godin

9.  It Will Not Help Getting into College or with My Career

False.  Colleges and employers value study abroad experiences.  Just the fact that you took the leap, demonstrates a wider desire to learn about your world.  It shows that you are adaptable, open to new challenges, and that you have embraced a culture beyond your own.

Study abroad is not only an expedition of self discovery, but also an investment for your future.  The skills learned while studying abroad can carry over to college or your resume in the workplace and make it shine in a stack of hundreds. Do not use this as one of your excuses to not study abroad.  Set yourself apart from the competition.

10.  I Have Too Many Other Commitments

It’s understandable. Between camps and family vacations, summers fill up quickly.  With that being said, you are young only once and might not ever have another opportunity like this presented to you.  Why not take full advantage of this experience before it is too late?  Families, coaches, and teachers will typically value your decision to enrich your life and will help you adjust your schedule. Remember-calendars are flexible.


Are you still questioning whether or not you should APPLY for the Irish Life Experience?  Stop making excuses not to study abroad and sign up now.  Do not deny yourself this unique opportunity just because of easily solvable problems.

“In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take.”

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Trip Dates: June 30-July 24, 2024