I feel lucky and blessed to have experienced a comprehensive and amazing trip to Ireland at such a young age. Traveling around the magical country of Ireland was the most enlightening experience of my life and Taryn and Angie made it even more enriching. My experience in Ireland with these two stunning women taught me to embrace my heritage and be proud of where I come from. I felt right at home in Ireland and by the time I came home a month later I knew so much more about The Emerald Isle because Angie and Taryn made it a fun learning experience.

The group of high-schoolers that are lucky enough to go on this trip are very special people, I made four best friends in my month there. We fostered such a strong bond that we all still keep in touch with each other. Taryn is such an amazing person and I have learned so much from her since I’ve met her. I could not have had a better experience in Ireland with Angie and Taryn. I would go on the trip again in an instant.

– Meghan, New Jersey – Student, 2007

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Trip Dates: June 30-July 24, 2024