Glendalough Monastery-Small Group 2022

After saying goodbye to everyone’s families in Boston, the Irish Life Experience 2022 students made their way through Security, got some snacks for the flight, and departed for their flight to Ireland!

They arrived bright and early at 8:05 AM and were greeted by Angie, our lovely Irish Coordinator and Teacher from Belfast.  They hopped on a bus and visited the beautiful Glendalough-tucked away in the Wicklow mountains.  It used to be an old monastery from the 6th-century and now serves as a national park and historic site.  The students had a chance to see the monastery, an old cemetery, and hike along a beautiful trail.  The big lake at the end was an incredible introduction to Ireland and its lush greenery.  The students also had a picnic with their packed lunches, took a few photos, and got back on the bus to continue their journey to Waterford.  Amelia said that the scenery made her think of a fairytale and Morgan thought it reminded her of a gorgeous desktop Most students were doing their best to fight the jet lag, but we did see a few catch some much need shut eye.

Upon arrival to Newtown Boarding School, they took a quick tour of the grounds and had dinner.  The students were pleasantly surprised with how delicious it was!  They played a few quick ice-breaker games to get to know one another better. 

We learned that Amelia rides horses and Joey recently got his Irish citizenship-among many other incredible things about our talented group.  

The students were excited to be in Waterford, but maybe more excited to finally sleep, so we had an early bedtime to get ready for our first day of class.

Glendalough-Hands in the Air Group 2022
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Trip Dates: June 30-July 24, 2024