This morning students woke up early and went to breakfast at 8:15 AM as per usual.  This morning’s breakfast was delicious.  Students had the option of cereal, yogurt, apple sauce, or fruit on the side with juice to drink.  After everyone filled their stomachs up, it was time for class with Our Michael!  Today students had two extended classes for Gaelic and Irish history. Michael is so knowledgeable and always does a wonderful job teaching the students. 

After classes it was time for lunch.  The lunch consisted of your choice between two pastas, garlic bread, and a side salad with water.  Everyone enjoyed each other’s company while eating their scrumptious lunch.  They were eventually ready for free time at Liffey Valley Shopping Center.  If students were not going to the Shopping Center, they could sign up for the two workshops.  The first workshop was Tin Whistles with Kaylee.  This workshop showed students how to read music, play the tin whistle, and learn some common Irish songs.  A good handful of students signed up for the tin whistle workshop and were very excited to see what it was about.  Students listened to Kaylee and worked hard.  At first some students struggled, but everyone was given a few minutes to try their best on what they needed to work on.  This resulted in everyone being able to come together and play a full song!  When everyone played together they actually sounded so good.

The second workshop was Celtic Cards with Kylene.  This workshop allowed students to show their artistic side.  Each person got a card and was given stencils, stickers, markers, and colored pencils.  Students could do many things with these cards, whether they wrote a letter to someone, a note to themselves, or a picture.  A couple students said that this was very relaxing for them and that they really enjoyed it. 

After the workshop was over, it was time for dinner.  For dinner the students had chicken with a cream sauce, potatoes, and water.  Once everyone was done eating they had some time to themselves before Dance and Drama.  To finish out the evening,  Clare also had an evening activity planned for tonight.  This activity was Minute To Win It, where students had six different activities to do.  Each group would rotate to the next activity after a minute.  Within the minute, if students were able to complete the activity they would get points for their team.  There were activities such as stacking five apples, sliding an Oreo down your face and into your mouth, and sorting Jelly Beans by color.  Students found these activities to be very entertaining and were cheering each other on.  Our student Tom was the only one out all the students that was able to stack all five apples.  Everyone was so impressed because others were struggling and thought it was impossible.  After the evening activity, students had about two hours before bed check.  This gave them some down time after a wonderful day activities.

Tin Whistle Workshop-Morgan and Sofia 2022
Irish Dance-Group 2022
Min It to Win It-John 2022
Min It to Win It-Tom 2022
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