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These past few weeks have very likely had as strong of an impact on myself as they have had on these students, which began as an aggregate, quickly became a group, and returned home as a family. The only thing I enjoy more than spending time in Ireland is watching these students experience-with wide-eyed wonder-all the culture, history, and personality that Ireland has to offer. Angie, Brian, Dan, and Taryn have fostered each student’s adopting Ireland and now they will all bring a bit of Ireland back home with them. They will soon all be thousands of miles away from one another and this magical place, but with one song, one smell, or one memory, they will instantly realize they will always be in Ireland together, forever.

-Siobhan K.-Winchester, MA-Student 2005, Counselor 2010

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Ireland High School & College Trips To Ireland

Reviewed 10/22/12