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The Irish Life Experience was everything I wanted it to be and a little more. The first day we arrived, I had already had the most awkward conversation with my soon to be best friends, and I think the coldest shower I have ever had (That got fixed though.). The first days in Waterford were full of fun and learning. We had our first experiences in Ireland: Petting a horse, finding a lady with a pram, learning of Siobhans Tayto’s obsession, and getting acquainted with everyone else on the trip. When I saw the different sides of Ireland, I came to love the fact that it reminded me of any where I have traveled before and the fact that it had its own personality. When you arrive in Ireland you can tell something is different about it, but it may have just been the strange Counselors (Just kidding.)! The Counselors (If you can even call them that.) were amazing. Taryn, who worked hard to get us to the coolest places in Ireland with a smile on her face the whole time! Angie, who’s love for Irish literature, songs, and shopping made us love her. Dan who’s knowledge of history, and hilarious remarks kept everyone laughing. Siobhan who’s fun nature, and Irish Step Dancing kept everyone at ease. Pete who’s passion for Irish music and literature inspired everyone. Everything about the Counselors unique quirks made the trip a billion times better than I could have imagined. I made friends who I plan to stay in touch with and memories that I plan to carry forever. When I think of what an experience is…, I think of having fun, learning, loving, and having good company. So when I say that ILE was an experience, I mean it with the utmost sincerity.

-Savannah C.-Suffield, CT-Student 2010

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Reviewed 10/22/12