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The Irish Life Experience not only assisted in my growth as an individual but also exposed me to an extraordinary country. Over this 24 day period, we learned a little Gaelic, brushed up on our Irish history, met the greatest people on earth, had talent shows, played games, spent a lot of money on souvenirs, toured the countryside, experienced city life, made scones, witnessed amazing monuments, climbed through castles, befriended other students from around the world, laughed until we cried, cried until we laughed, took over a gazillion pictures, swam in the ocean, had a scavenger hunt around town, studied historical and influential Irish leaders, learned how to play rugby, Gaelic football, and hurling, attempted to Irish dance, sang on the bus rides, biked around the Aran Islands, kissed the Blarney Stone, went to a concert, danced the night away in the discos, watched the crystal making process, had tea in the President’s House, took a Black Taxi Tour in Belfast, looked down from the Cliffs of Moher, saw the Leinster Gaelic Football Final, took a ferry from Ireland, went to a hurling match, painted artifacts, picnicked in the beautiful countryside, and traveled to over 20 different areas in Ireland in an effort to fully understand and appreciate the Irish Life Experience.

It seemed silly to put a price on making my dreams come true, which is why I knew I had to travel to Ireland and have an adventure. The people you meet will become family. The places you stay will feel like a home. Everything was perfect. I guess that was just the Luck of the Irish.

-PK (Paddy) C.-Chicago, IL-Student 2010

Many thanks to Taryn and the entire Irish Life Experience Staff for their dedication, care and hospitality during “the best summer” of PK’s life. We feel very blessed he had this incredible opportunity and sincerely appreciate the wonderful people involved in this organization. The detailed blog definitely kept us informed about the days events and the pictures were priceless. We would highly recommend this program and look forward to sending PK’s sister Erin there in the future!

-John and Lorie C.-Chicago, IL-Parents of PK (Paddy) 2010

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Reviewed 10/21/12