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I can honestly say that the summer of 2011 was the best summer of my life! The day I left for JFK Airport, I had no idea that the trip I was about to embark on would have such a huge impact on me. Through the Irish Life Experience, I was able to learn and understand so much of Ireland’s amazing history and culture, and even learn a few fun and interesting sayings and facts! Although our group was small, it allowed me to become close with incredible friends that will last a lifetime, and that is one of the most cherished things that I got out of the trip. The ILE Counselors and Staff were definitely some of the nicest, funniest, and most accommodating people I have ever met; because of them, my experience in Ireland was even greater. The memories that I have from the Irish Life Experience are unforgettable. From all the wonderful people you meet, tours you take, discos you dance at, roommates you hangout with, to simply being in Ireland-the ILE has certainly changed my life in such an amazing way. The Irish Life Experience has definitely given me a unique look at Ireland, and I will always cherish every moment of it. Because of this trip, Ireland has become a part of me, and I will carry my experience with me for the rest of my life.

-Mary Clare K.-Binghamton, NY-Student 2011

Like most parents, we were a little apprehensive about agreeing to let our daughter go to Ireland for four weeks with a group of people who we did not know. However, our fears were immediately eased the moment we met Taryn at JFK Airport on the day of departure. She had an incredible easy going, relaxed approach with us and more importantly, with the students. You could tell right away that she was in control and we were leaving our daughter in very capable hands. The blog updates, which were frequent, humorous and very comprehensive were further assurance that we had made the right choice. Our daughter met friends she will have her whole life and experienced Ireland in a way that is not possible with any other tour. If your Irish, or even just appreciate other cultures and want your children to experience another country prior to going off to college, you couldn’t give your child a more lasting gift than to send them on the ILE. Thanks Taryn, Edel, Levi, Angie, and Dan. You came through on everything you promised and more!

-Molly and Tom K.-Binghamton, NY-Parents of Mary Clare 2011

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Reviewed 09/30/11