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I have always wanted to travel to Ireland ever since I was very young. The idea of walking, very possibly, in my ancestors’ footsteps was thrilling to say the least.

Going to Ireland was, at first, a terrifying thought to entertain. I had never traveled alone before. I feared the worst; but when I arrived in NYC, I immediately was accepted into the bouncing ball of energy that is the ILE.

The counselors were great. Each and every one of them was kind, intelligent, humorous, and always willing to help no matter the situation.

The classes are, although there is so little time to learn everything there is to know about Ireland, thorough and engaging. My attention was always captivated by each of the instructors, whether we were studying literature, dance, history, or Gaelic.

Ireland is a country like no other. If you want to experience a unique culture that has everything to offer to you, go to Ireland with the ILE. If you want to make strong friendships in a completely engrossing environment, go to Ireland with the ILE. If you want to test and expand your independence and grow into a more understanding, mature person, go to Ireland with the ILE.

The ILE presents an opportunity that one does not receive often. It is up to you wether or not to take the chance; but I guarantee you will not be sorry!

-Kelly M.-Orlando, FL-Student 2011

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Reviewed 09/30/11