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I went into the Irish Life Experience expecting just a memorable time; what I had was an unforgettable one. Although I was initially leery of signing away an entire summer, now I wish I could do it again a thousand times. I learned, grew, and made some great friends, all while touring one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Thanks Taryn!

-Jamie G.-Dallas, TX-Student 2009

Hi Taryn,

Just wanted to tell you that this past summer was Jamie’s MOST AMAZING EVER!!! Thank you for organizing such a fabulous Irish experience. As parents, we really appreciated all the gorgeous online photo updates-they let us have a real window into his daily doings. Now when he talks about all his new friends, we can find them in the pictures! We can tell how much he benefited from all he learned and experienced. His Irish grandmother is thrilled with his grasp of Irish culture and his entertaining tales!

-Melissa G.-Dallas, TX-Mother of Jamie 2009

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Reviewed 10/22/12