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The Irish Life Experience was most definitely the best-most fun experience of my life. I was born and raised in a family rich in Irish culture and heritage, so it meant a lot for me to visit my homeland. As my brothers and sisters had experienced this trip over the years they would tell me of the wonderful times they had in the Emerald Isle but, until now, I did not truly understand how fun this trip could be. When I arrived at JFK Airport, I was surrounded with strangers, but by the end of the trip these strangers became 17 of my best friends. I met so many great people-whether they be my fellow students, counselors, Irish natives, Spaniards or Italians, and made so many life-long friendships. I thank my counselors Taryn, Edel, Levi, Dan, and Angie the most for making my time in Ireland memorable. The Irish Life Experience offers a one of a kind adventure that will always be a part of me. This trip truly made me a better person and a happier one. I will always remember this summer as the greatest I will ever have.

Evan (Evo) M.-Louisville, KY-Student 2011

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Reviewed 09/30/11