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Hi! I’m Eme and I went on the ILE this past summer. I’m 16 years old and live outside of Boston Massachusetts. I’m the biggest mummas girl! I love to travel and learn about different cultures and appreciate how other parts of the world do things. I have plenty of Irish blood in me and couldn’t be more proud. I have been to Ireland once before and absolutely fell in love with it, which is why I decided to join the ILE. But, when I visited Ireland a few years ago, I didn’t get to experience all that Ireland had to offer and see all the beauty Ireland truly had in store. Thankfully the ILE made sure that I fell in love with the country all over again. The ILE got me to appreciate everything so much more. We visited everything you could ever imagine and went on every tour that the counties had to offer! From the second you step into Dublin airport, to the last second you have with your new friends, a memory is made. You will never have a dull moment and I can assure you that you will want to stay in Ireland for the rest of the summer.

For me the thought of leaving my family home and traveling to another country was a scary thought, but once the wonderful, brilliant, smart, beautiful, and hilarious Taryn showed me what I was missing out on by not going, I knew that I would be making the wrong decision by staying in my small town. This trip showed me that there is so much more to life than what we think. The little things we stress about, the small fights we have with people, the tough days we all have once in a while, it makes us who we are. However, we don’t necessarily need to drown ourselves in those things because if you can take a step back to appreciate all the little things, you will be a much happier person. That is what this program showed me. Every opportunity you get to try something new should be taken. Every tour you’re offered in Ireland you should go on. Every hike you go on you should take. You should take the time to just look around at the scenery because I promise you that you won’t find a view like it anywhere in the world!

For me, my favorite part of the entire trip was getting to meet new people. Not every day do you get offered to go to another country for a month, with a group of other high school kids, from all over. From the East Coast up to Massachusetts and down to Florida, to a small town in Ohio to the mountainside of Alaska, and to the glorious home of Mama T (Montana) to the country of Spain! Never in a million years would I have been able to meet such great people if it wasn’t for the ILE. I went into the program very hesitant and nervous because meeting new people can be tough. But with all the doubts that I had, my fear was erased and I felt like I was at home with a bunch of new friends almost immediately. Both the kids and the counselors are down to earth, kind hearted, fun people. They become friends you have for a lifetime and not just for 25 days. From the obnoxious songs you sing, the awkward ice breakers, to the food fights, and the nights where you get no sleep, the trip is one to remember and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! The ILE gave me best friends from all different parts of the US and Spain. If it weren’t for this specific group of counselors, I don’t think the ILE would be what it is today.

The Irish Life Experience is a program that every teenager should take advantage and go on because it is truly life changing, It will make you realize so much more about not only yourself but about everything else going on in your life. With tears in my eyes and so many emotions running through me, I can honestly say this program made me a better person and I’m so thankful to have gone on it. The month that I spent in Ireland was by far the best month of my entire life. In the beginning I thought I could never survive, but when it came to packing my stuff and getting ready to come home I found myself having the hardest time getting everything together. Going on the Irish Life Experience was a journey of a lifetime filled with many laughs and memories that I will never forget. I met the most amazing people who I hate not being able seeing every second of every day. I made friends that even though we may live miles apart I know that we will still continue our friendship. The Irish Life Experience changed me in so many ways I could never possibly explain them all. If I could do this every summer I would in a heartbeat. From having awesome counselors to making new Irish friends and traveling to amazing sites I couldn’t have asked for anything more. This truly was the best experience and I recommend it to every teenager who gets the chance to spend a month in another country. I promise you will never regret it.

Eme #ILE14

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Reviewed 10/28/14