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Who was it that said a picture is worth a thousand words? We were able to watch our son Reilly have the greatest summer of his sixteen years through the Irish Life Experience Blog, the summer of 2013. But even greater, I was also there in Dublin visiting with Reilly’s Grandmother, who has sent eight of her grandchildren with Taryn to Ireland over the years!

My Irish Mama is 90 years old and was able to live vicariously through all the photos of the adventures from the Giants Causeway, to Waterford, Dublin, Killarney and Galway. I hope that one day I will have grandchildren I can send to Ireland with the Irish Life Experience!

I have seen first hand what a wonderful impact this experience has had on all three of my sons. The heart of this program is Taryn Harrison who loves what she does, as she loves the kids who travel on each adventure. Bravo Taryn! Well done!

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Reviewed 08/14/13