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So, the summer of ’09 was by far one of the most memorable. Ireland. Who wouldn’t want to visit the land of the leprechauns? Traveling around the island was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. The experiences that I had were so much fun, and out of the ordinary for me. Mama T and Angie and Papa Dan were awesome chaperons and took very good care of their little ducklings (AKA the ILE’ers of 09.). It seems that the 24 days about the Emerald Isle really changed my personality and made me more mature. Basically, Ireland with ILE was amazing, I was seriously talking to another traveler scheming how we could go back.

-Eileen H.-Alden, NY-Student 2009

Summer 2009, Irish Life Experience as seen through a Mom’s eye…

Eileen has returned home, safe and sound, with many new friends via email, skype and facebook. What is more important Eileen has returned home with a new viewpoint, maturity and appreciation of such a positive experience. Senior year is looming in the next few weeks and her summer experience has prepared her for impending life decisions. ILE provided the opportunity to gain some independence and see the world with just enough structure for a safe trip, but enough freedom to explore her own interests. A special thanks goes to Taryn for her patience with all my questions, concerns and apprehension prior to the trip, even late arriving luggage was handled with a smile. Eileen is ready to return to Ireland, but her ILE was more than just visiting another country, it was a stepping stone to her adulthood. It was a good parenting decision to share my beautiful daughter with ILE.

-Marilyn H.-Albany, NY-Mother of Eileen 2009

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