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When we first decided to start researching study abroad programs, the Irish Life Experience had everything that my best friend, Aubrie, and I were looking for in a program. As we were planning for the trip and getting ready to go, I started getting really excited about the trip and also being able to spend a month in Ireland with my best friend.

As soon as I met everyone, they became a second family from starting at the airport. We still keep in touch after four months and hopefully for many more years to come.

I loved Ireland and the landscape and cities-just everything about it. I was not really looking forward to the classes and studying during my summer, but the Staff and students created a fun atmosphere that made me love going to class! The ILE allowed me to learn about the culture, the people, the country, and Irish studies in a way that all students with different learning types could gain knowledge and enjoy the classes without feeling pressured.

Being able to stay in the dorms and apartments was an amazing experience, because there were people from all over the world staying there that we could interact with and hang out. The apartment living allowed me to experience a little bit of college life with the Staff allowing me freedom to explore and experience life without my parents, but also keeping a close eye on me too. This made me feel very comfortable enough to loosen up and gain the full experience.

I would highly recommend this program. I enjoyed it immensely. It was the best summer I have ever had. Through this program you will be able to gain a second family and another home across the pond.

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Reviewed 10/23/14