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For whomever is thinking about going to Ireland through this amazing program, I can tell you it’s definitely worth it. When I was asked to possibly participate in a trip to Ireland, all I could think was that there was no way I was going to fly on a plane across the Atlantic Ocean and spend a month somewhere I had never been with people I had never met. I had actually never flown or been out of the country so I was very hesitant about leaving Montana. I also wasn’t sure if my mom would be able to handle a month without me, but she did. She was so happy I was able to have this experience.

It’s hard to describe how amazing this program was not only for me, but for all of the kids that I met on the program this summer. It seems like we got to see all that Ireland had to offer within a month, yet the month didn’t seem like long enough. From Glendalough, to the Cahir and Kilkenny Castles, to the Giant’s Causeway, to the Cliffs of Moher-every place we went was so deep in history and had many stories behind it. The trip was also very educational and I learned so much abut Ireland through classes taught by some great teachers.

I can’t even describe how incredible the trip was and how many relationships you will make. I have to say the worst part of the program was saying goodbye to the friends I made that summer, but I would still strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to have the experience of a lifetime. Even though I can’t wait to go back to Ireland in the future, it will never be the same without the amazing group of kids, teachers, and counselors I was blessed to meet. I can’t thank Taryn enough for the opportunity of a lifetime. She was the key aspect in making our trip as enjoyable as it could be and she truly loves what she does.

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Reviewed 10/28/13