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  • “The summer of 2019 was my favorite summer because of the Irish Life Experience…”

    Daniel S.
    Brielle, NJ-Student 2019
  • “Thank you Irish Life Experience and Taryn for an amazing life-changing experience for my daughter…”

    Peggy L.
    Canton, GA-Parent of Elizabeth 2019
  • “To say the Irish Life Experience is amazing is certainly an understatement, for there aren’t enough words to describe this once in a lifetime opportunity…”

    Hannah B.
    Channahon, IL-Student 2017
  • “Being on #ILE17 was an amazing experience for me…”

    Rebecca J-P.
    Somers, CT-Student 2017
  • “I had such a great time on the Irish Life Experience. It will never be forgotten as long as I live…”

    Robert B.
    Bronx, NY-Student 2015
  • “The ILE was the most amazing trip in the world and words do not do it justice. I came home with a new family and a new home…”

    Clare B.
    Chicago, IL-ILE 2015
  • “Joining the Irish Life Experience was truly the best decision of my life and I will cherish every moment I spent in Ireland…”

    Owen M.
    Duxbury, MA-Student 2015
  • “We can not thank Taryn and the Irish Life Experience enough for giving us the opportunity to give Emily this priceless gift…”

    Chris and Karen C.
    Lawrenceville, NJ-Parents of Emily 2014
  • “Through the Irish Life Experience, you will be able to gain a second family and another home across the pond…”

    Christina C.
    Naples, FL-Student 2014
  • “You will walk away from the experience with a second family and a second home…”

    Ana C.
    Irvine, CA-Student 2014
  • “This truly was the best experience and I recommend it to every teenager who gets the chance to spend a month in another country. I promise you will never regret it…”

    Eme E.
    Reading, MA-Student 2014
  • “The Irish Life Experience enhances the senses, stirs the curiosity, and soothes the soul. I am forever personally grateful…”

    Teresa G.
    Naples, FL-Mother of Christina 2014
  • “This trip changed my life! Go, enjoy, and experience Ireland with the Irish Life Experience…”

    Aubrie H.
    Naples, FL-Student 2014
  • “The Irish Life Experience was worth every penny and more! I would have gladly spent double for this experience…”

    Teresa H.
    Naples, FL-Mother of Aubrie 2014
  • “I have highly recommended this program to everyone who asks…”

    Leyla S.
    Andover, MA-Mother of David 2014
  • “I guarantee that attending this trip will be full of precious memories and I don’t think you’ll find any other study abroad program as great as the ILE…”

    Clara B.
    Plainfield, IL-Student 2013
  • “It will not be an investment that you will regret, but one that you will be forever grateful for as I am…”

    Emily B.
    Carrollton, GA-Student 2013
  • “It’s hard to describe how amazing this program was not only for me, but for all of the kids that I met on the program this summer…”

    Amanda H.
    Polson, MT-Student 2013
  • “Truly a ‘Life Experience’ that will never be forgotten…”

    Julie L.
    Plainfield, IL-Mother of Kate 2013
  • “This was the greatest trip I have ever been on…”

    Devin (Gru) M.
    Butte, MT-Student 2013
  • “The heart of this program is Taryn Harrison who loves what she does, as she loves the kids who travel on each adventure…”

    Eileen M.
    Austin, TX-Mother of Reilly 2013
  • “Every single experience I had in Ireland with the ILE is something I will cherish forever…”

    Melanie V.-S.
    Danbury, CT-Student 2013
  • “I would highly recommend the ILE to any family…”

    Donna and Tom M.
    Duxbury, MA-Parents of Liam 2012
  • “Our family would highly recommend the Irish Life Experience to anyone…”

    Claudette M.
    NJ-Grandmother of Casey 2012
  • “We are so grateful he was able to take part in this trip-a definite memory of a lifetime…”

    DeeAnn R.
    Polson, MT-Mother of Tyler 2012
  • “My trip to Ireland this summer was even better than I imagined it would be…”

    Anica S.
    Westlake Village, CA-Student 2012
  • “ILE 2012 was definitely the trip of a lifetime…”

    Mariah W.
    Hesperia, MI-Student 2012
  • “I became as close to these people as to most of my friends back home…”

    Raizel (Prunes) B.
    Seattle, WA-Student 2011
  • “I’ve never had a better time than this…”

    Ryan (Braaaaa) C.
    Naperville, IL-Student 2011
  • “The ILE provided her with the perfect Irish experience…”

    Eileen H.
    Coronado, CA-Mother of Fiona 2011
  • “The ILE has touched my heart, opened my mind, and provided the most memorable experience…”

    Molly F.
    Tinley, IL-Student 2011
  • “This was definitely the best trip I’ve ever been on…”

    Olivia K.
    Westport, CT-Student 2011
  • “The ILE has certainly changed my life in such an amazing way…”

    Mary Clare K.
    Binghamton, NY-Student 2011
  • “If you want to experience a unique culture that has everything to offer to you, go to Ireland with the ILE…”

    Kelly M.
    Orlando, FL-Student 2011
  • “This trip truly made me a better person and a happier one…”

    Evan (Evo) M.
    Louisville, KY-Student 2011
  • “The ILE and his journey exceeded our expectations and was well worth the investment…”

    Dominique S. R.
    Portland, OR-Mother of Scout 2011
  • “The ILE is the perfect amount of adventure and learning, and a whole lot of fun…”

    Sallie S.
    Poison, MT-Student 2011
  • “I always felt that Catherine was safe and supervised…”

    Kevin W.
    New Yor, NY-Father of Catherine 2011
  • “I learned all I could about Ireland and found a new love for my heritage…”

    Sydney A.
    Overland Park, KS-Student 2012
  • “The Irish Life Experience was everything I wanted it to be and a little more…”

    Savannah C.
    Suffield, CT-Student 2010
  • “Everything was perfect. I guess that was just the Luck of the Irish…”

    PK (Paddy) C.
    Chicago, IL-Student 2010
  • “It really was a trip of a lifetime…”

    Scarlett F.
    Anchorage, AK-Student 2010
  • “By the end of the trip we all considered each other family…”

    Hannah F.
    Elwood, IN-Student 2010
  • “I hope that the memories I made and the friends I found will stay with me forever…”

    Caitlin J.
    Conneaut, OH-Student 2010
  • “My daughter had the time of her life…”

    Susan K.
    Bellmore, NY-Mother of Caitlyn 2010
  • “They will instantly realize they will always be in Ireland together, forever…”

    Siobhan K.
    Winchester, MA-Counselor 2010
  • “If I could do it all over again, I would…”

    Joe P.
    Arlington, VA-Student 2010
  • “This was a once in a lifetime journey that I was so happy to be part of…”

    Jocelyn A.
    Nesconset, NY-Student 2009
  • “The ILE has been one of the greatest highlights in the lives of both my two oldest daughters…”

    Cathy d. and Mark S.
    Aurora, OR-Parents of Kelsey 2009
  • “The experience was priceless…”

    Eileen F.
    Farmingdale, NY-Mother of Cara 2009