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Ring Around the Kerry

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Sunday, July 14th, the day began with beautiful blue skies and the day only increasingly got warmer. We lucked out with the beautiful weather on our tour day of the Ring of Kerry, or part of the ring to be precise. We got started in the small town of Kenmare. Now, Kenmare is a very special place to the ILE staff. Not only is it a gorgeous wee town full of brightly painted storefronts and front gardens, but Kenmare is also home to a stone circle. The circle is surrounded by fairy trees where wishes can be tied.

Inside the stone circle, Brian (Our favorite bus driver extraordinaire) told us a bit of the history of the circle and of the ancient Celtic religion. All of the counselors were “taken over by a sacred power that that gave us the ability to gift each student with a special “earth names”. Stunning examples of these names include “Lighting Strike”; “Sunny Dandelion”; and “Oak Age.” In actuality, the stone circle was likely an ancient burial site with the stones marking the grave.

We happened to stop at this quaint town on Bastille day, which is a French holiday. There is a French influence in the town so they were holding a little festival in the town square. Some of the brave kids got the chance to try escargot, a French delicacy of boiled snails. After watching some of the reactions, I could not get myself to be so adventurous.

After our Kenmare visit, we loaded the bus and drove to a few more stops along the Ring. These scenic stops included: Muckross House, Torc Waterfall, and various breathtaking lake-view stops. This was, hands down, my favorite tour day of the trip. We could not have asked for better weather or more beautiful scenery.

Once completing the loop and ending back in Killarney, the kids were dropped off in the tow square. They were given the option to do as they please for the rest of the evening. Some ate dinner out on the town, while some explored before going back to the apartments to cook.

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